Saturday, December 24, 2011

Show me that smile.

Somebody's on the nice list.

Where the Sagebrush Grows!

For those like me who never saw this while attending school, this is what a celebration looks like at Romney Stadium.

While the bowl loss was disappointing, a W over Nevada is pretty awesome. Thanks to Coach A for righting the ship.

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Chockat Mulk...Hot

As you might imagine, life with two little girls is almost infinitely more busy than just one, but that certainly isn't stopping us from enjoying my favorite season of the year. I love fall. The crisp, cool air. The bright fall colors. And breaking out the cocoa-motion after its summer hibernation.
Apparently our love for hot chocolate is genetic, L loves it too. Curlers and all.

Thursday, November 10, 2011

Our Tyler Bryn

To clear up some of the mystery behind the previous post regarding our recent addition, here's everything you should probably know.
While Krissey and I were told to expect a Halloween baby, I think both of us knew she'd be here a little early.
Krissey's mom flew down the weekend before to help K finish her nesting process. Luckily, we weren't trying to paint a nursery
 this go around. Monday morning K woke me up and informed me she had been having contractions most of the early morning. After hanging out for a couple hours, the contractions subsided and I went to work. K dropped her mom off at the airport that afternoon and I returned from the office looking forward to a quiet evening. It wasn't a quiet evening. K woke me up around 11:45 and told me we needed to go for a ride. We called our neighbor who had agreed to watch L, and quickly loaded up and headed out. The nice thing about driving to the hospital at midnight is traffic is non-existent, the bad thing is its still a twenty five minute drive, meaning K had to endure quite a few contractions on the way in. I dropped her off at the front doors, hurried and parked. She apparently had another contraction while waiting in the lobby, as the security guard offered to wheel her up and grabbed a wheelchair for her. She waited for me, and we cruised on up to triage. The doc checked her, asked if she wanted an epidural and when she answered in the affirmative, we were promptly greeted by two nurses who whisked us to delivery because K was dilated to a 7. After another round of pin the tail on K's arms (aka start an IV) the anesthesiologist finally got things taken care of. Two weeks later the swelling is finally down and the bruises are fading!
After a scare that K was too far a long and the epidural wouldn't kick in fast enough, K got her first bag of IV fluids in, and they got the epidural started just fine. Things were looking pretty smooth, when her contractions completely stopped. Apparently, a by-product of the increased fluid levels. So they got the pit going to keep her contractions regular. Krissey's doc was on call that night so the goal was to have the baby before her shift ended at 7am(and before the other two girls in labor at the same time) K and her nurse had a competition going with the other girls to see who could deliver first. Shortly before 7, we were ready and a few quick pushes later, Tyler was here! She was born at 6:44am, was 7lbs 3oz, and just over 20 inches long. She is long and skinny and after losing a lot of weight she is really skinny! She gets her looks from her Dad, it's that Soelberg nose that does it. Now maybe everyone will see that L really looks like her Mom and T looks like her Dad, but the girls look very similar. She has about the same amount and color of hair as L did, but it is straight instead of curly.
Hard to believe its already been two weeks, mom and the girls are all doing well (as long as L gets her naps!). L is a great big sister and loves her little sister a lot!!! She is adjusting pretty well for the most part.
Enjoy some pictures.