Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Mission Accomplished!!!!

I really wanted to post about my graduation, but life just took hold of me and my blog was put on hold. So now I am here posting about my graduation that happened back on May 3rd. The day before my sister Nicole graduated so our weekend was full of graduations. Congrats Colie, we did it together! In the morning they had us all line up on the quad and then we got to march across campus while they played music from speakers while parents and family were all lined up shouting for their graduates and snapping quick pictures as we passed by. Once in the Spectrum, the morning session was interesting... the valedictorian speech was very different. After that commencement ceremony my College graduation was only 45 minutes later so we just hung out til I had to line back up again. Well, one of the coolest things about my graduation was the guest speaker: Elder L. Tom Perry. Yeah, that's right, the apostle. When I walked to get my diploma I also got to shake his hand and let me tell you he is a lot bigger than what you see on tv. I have never had the opportunity to shake an apostle's hand and if you ever get the chance- take it. It was really cool. It was also fun to hear him speak from a business point of view and not just about the gospel.
I wanted to give a shout out to my sweet husband who supported and pushed me through to the end. Thanks babe I love you! Also, a big thanks to my parents who instilled in me the importance of getting my education. Many times when I fet like giving up and the end would never come I always remembered the things I was taught about getting my education. I still can't believe I am finished... I never have to cram for a stinkin' test again!!!

Monday, June 2, 2008

Hooray for the weekend!

In "Bill Cosby, Himself," he talks about how crazy we are for working our tails of during the week, only to be incredibly excited for the weekend. And then we go and kill ourselves having "fun" on our weekend. While we didn't quite kill ourselves, our weekend was full of everything a weekend should be.
The wet spring has turned Cache Valley into a green machine. Everywhere we go in the valley is lush and green. Makes it hard to convince everyone that we live in a desert. Our ward campout was at Cinnamon Creek, just upstream from Porcupine Reservoir on the south end of the valley. We had a great turnout from the ward and it was fun to get to know everyone a bit more. I also got to go fishing for the first time this year, courtesy of Eric and Andrea. (Thanks, guys) But was pretty much the worst fly fishing conditions. (Especially with a spinning rod) Returning to the camp, Krissey had the tent set up and ready to go, (with Andrea's help) what more could you ask for in a wife?

After inspecting Krissey's fine work, and finding the tent set up perfectly, we got a rousing game of Frisbee going on. Everyone should play 500 with at least 2 discs. The night concluding with Campfire songs and eating peach cobbler at midnight all courtesy of the Bishop.

Saturday morning, we woke up to shouts of "move your car" and ash falling from the sky. No, the forest wasn't on fire, but it was apparently spring clean up for the campground, and there isn't a better time than early Saturday morning to burn huge piles of brush. So we ate breakfast quick and took off.

Coming down the canyon I got word that a family needed moving. While I don't have pictures, (yet) let's just say if you have a piano and need it moved out of the better have a set of concrete or metal stairs to go down.

Thanks to Shawn and Emily, we're also professional disc golfers. So watch out all you pros out there with your fancy autographed disc drivers.

So basically, it was one awesome weekend. The End.

More Pictures Here!