Saturday, February 21, 2009

Two Month Update?

Since it's been awhile since we posted, here's something to keep you occupied.

Wednesday, February 4, 2009


Well, after hearing from a lot of people that I needed to update I thought I would finally get around to it. This will be a long post because we have a lot to blog about, sorry, just keep reading and enjoying what we've been up to. I never know whether I should start with the most recent and work backwards or start with the past and work forwards...oh well. We will start with the most recent and exciting news...Josh got a job offer!!!! We will be moving at the end of May to drumroll please.......Albuquerque New Mexico! He will be working for Sandia National Laboratories. With the economy the way it is we are so grateful that he was able to get a job and one that he wanted. We are excited to move onto the next chapter in our lives. I am grateful to my wonderful husband who has worked so hard and has been so diligent in his schoolwork over the last 4 years of our marriage.
Valentines Day was a day that Josh and I will never forget. It is a long story but I will give a condensed version. We decided to go snowshoeing up Tony's Grove. We drove about 5 miles up the trail and ended up getting our Explorer stuck. When I say stuck I mean barried down to the frame. It snowed all day that day. We ended up snowshoeing 5 miles down the mountain to hitch a ride to Logan to then gather some awesome friends from our ward to head back up there. The vehicles we were in didn't quite make it so we ended up hiking back up to our Explorer with a wench, come along and shovels. We said a lot of prayers that day and each one of them was answered. We were kept safe and were able to get our car out without having to pay hundreds of dollars or causing any damage to it. Thank you so much to all who helped us that day!!!! Josh and I truly found out who our real friends were that day.
Before Josh got his job he had to interview. Sandia has a program where they pick 25 prospective students to come and tour their facility and interview with them. Out of all the applicants across the nation Josh was picked as one of them. He flew down there for four days back in January. Interviewed with four different groups and was sent back home to wait. That was the longest wait ever to hear if he was going to be offered anything.
January 9th Josh turned the big 26. We had a really fun party with our families. They came up to our little townhouse for cake and ice cream, presents and of course Rock Band 2. My favorite part was watching Grandpa Leonard sing his heart out!
January 1 my family started the Biggest Loser. Everyone who participated put in $20 and we had 90 days to work hard and loose as much body % as possible. Well, we weighed in this last Saturday April 4th. I came in 2nd place loosing 12.2 lbs because my brother RJ worked his tail end off loosing 28 lbs. RJ you deserved every dollar you earned! I love you and am grateful for all your reminder text messages to keep working hard. Here goes for another round! We agreed to do it again. This time we are finishing up June 28th. It really helped me be motivated and I feel I have created a good habit. I love running now for about an hour each day on the treadmill. Let's just hope I can keep that habit!
New Years we went night skiing up at Powder Mountain. They had their lift open til midnight. This time Josh wanted to try skiing for the first time. He borrowed my sisters stuff and we took him up a hill in my neighborhood the weekend before and he did pretty well hiking up the hill a few times. When we got to Powder, Josh looked like a pro. He was a natural. He was able to ski longer than I was. We were there with my brother Jake and his girlfriend Erika, my brother RJ and sister Nicole. It was a fun way to spend our New Year. The ski patrol had a glow stick parade for all the "little kids" but pretty much anyone could get a glow stick. It was cool to see all those colors all over the mountain. I was so proud of Josh! He likes skiing better than snowboarding because he was actually on his feet for the majority of the time, where when he goes snowboarding he is on his butt most of the time.
Christmas was really fun this year. This was the first time that Josh and I spent Christmas Eve in our own bed at our own home and opened up our presents together at our own house. I noticed that knowing Josh and I were moving at the end of the school year, I tried not to take any of my family or the traditions for granted this Christmas. Even though the Holidays can be really busy I enjoyed every party we went to. I loved every second that we got to spend with our families and friends.  We are so grateful for them and all that they do for us.  We will miss them so much while we are in Albuquerque.  We hope anyone and everyone will come and visit us whenever they want! There is a really cool hot air balloon fiesta.