Tuesday, August 26, 2008

So long Bimmer!

After over 4 years of enjoy the ultimate driving machine, it's time to say goodbye. Krissey and I have officially put the BMW up for sale. It's a sad day (for me. Krissey is overcome with joy!) Although deep down I know that she's gonna secretly miss it too. After all, this car has been with me for almost exactly as long as she has. I bought it two weeks after our first date and I'm pretty sure it's the real reason she stuck with me. (Potential Buyers Hint: Girls heart BMW's! and vice versa for the female potential buyers) So anyways if you or someone you know are in the market for a black 1993 325i with a 5 speed manual and an inline 6 cylinders of power. Check out the ad at KSL!

Thursday, August 21, 2008

Painting and Hiking

Last Tuesday for enrichment we had the funnest time. We hiked up to the Wind Caves in Logan Canyon. I have been a Logan resident for 3 years and have never done this. The hike was long and took longer than expected but we still had tons of fun. When we got up there a guy and girl were up there and he looked like he was going to throw up. Scared stiff, white in the face and wide eyed when he saw us. Well, we are pretty sure he was proposing. He had a cute little picnic basket with him... so we quickly exited the wind caves around the other side. By the time we got down from hiking it was almost 10pm and dark. Part of our activity hadn't even been done yet. If anyone needs a really fun activity then listen up cause this was a blast! We quickly came up with anew plan to go and find this cement box up on campus and we climbed down in so it was dark. We cracked glow sticks and then cut the tops off of them. We then started flinging the glow sticks everywhere. The paint gets all over you and everything else, so wear grungy clothes, it leaves a lovely yellowish stain. Sweet Josh was there to try and get some pictures while we were laughing and moving around so much.

Ward Girls on the Rock Bridge!

Carly and I in the Wind Caves

Thanks Babe for being the Priesthood holder who came!

Glow stick madness

More madness

This is all of us trying to stand so still so Josh could get a picture of us without it being blurry.
Thanks girls for a great activity.

Canyon Fun

Josh's friends invited us to go up Logan Canyon for Family Night last Monday. We had so much fun. We roasted hot dogs and marshmallows for smores, made an apricot cobbler, and kicked around this pink ball to make homemade ice cream. The food was delicious! Thanks Logan and Kaitlyn. Also, Shawn and Emily came and brought this laser that we ended up playing with almost all night. This laser is so strong that you can point up to a star and follow the green light all the way up to it. You can not shine it in people's eyes and we are cautious about airplanes being in the sky. We tried writing things with the laser and taking pictures of what we were scribbling and then Shawn showed us how cool it looked in the smoke from the fire. Thanks for a fun evening and we miss Shawn and Emily all ready. Let us know when you come back into town so we can get together! Have fun checking out the pictures... they are for you Emily.

Making Ice Cream!

Green Laser in the Campfire Smoke

Smiley face

More Cool Laser

Monday, August 11, 2008

Finally Another Post!

Lake Powell Pictures as previously promised.
This is only a handful of the pictures we took and it's my first slide show as well. We had so much fun down at Powell this year. Thanks Mom and Dad for all of your planning and for such a great trip!

July 24th Pioneer Day-- Bear Lake

Josh and I were pretty lazy on the 24th. I was actually going to go to the Salt Lake City Parade with my mom and sister but my mom fell down our creek the night before and buggered up her knee. So Josh took the day off so that we could spend it together. After enjoying our relaxing morning, we were bored and decided to go to Bear Lake. We drove through beautiful Logan Canyon enjoying all the scenery. Once at Bear Lake we decided to pull onto the beach and of course if you've ever been to Bear Lake you know not to go onto the squishy sand... well we did and we stopped in it and got our Explorer stuck. So stuck that our tires would not even move. I tried 4-wheel drive while Josh pushed but nothing. I put our car back in regular and started twisting our steering wheel back and forth while giving it gas... trying to create some sort of grip for the tires. Eventually and luckily we were able to get it out without having to call the tow truck. We then parked up on the hard packed sand and walked to the beach. We played in the water and sand and took pictures. We then went to Bear Lake pizzeria and had dinner. The picture of the cabin is a cabin that i painted a couple summers ago working for the Sisters Remodeling. I made Josh drive by it so I could see if it was still painted the way we did it and it was! It still looks really nice too!!!

Josh and I are training for a 5K. It is The Classic in Layton Sept. 13th. Well, we have tried training but getting to the gym 5 days a week is hard for us because we are so busy and have so much going on every night. I keep telling people we are going to run this race so that maybe it will help motivate me to keep running. I guess I'll let you know more if I succeed.

The Long awaited arrival... and it finally came!

Josh had this great idea to order Breaking Dawn online so I didn't have to deal with the crowds and not being able to find it. It shipped from Denver last Friday(the day before it came out) and I didn't receive it until Thursday of the next week. I was trying to read it slowly to enjoy the book, but after a weekend of driving I am now only 200 pages away from finishing it. The book I find is very interesting and I'm still trying to decide if I actually really like the way it has turned out but I won't make my full judgment until I have finished it.

2008 Olympics
I absolutely love the Olympics. Josh and I watched the Opening Ceremony with his siblings and loved everything China had created. I was really impressed the way China used all the people to create their art. I also noticed all of their technology. I love cheering for our country and feeling like you build a relationship with someone just because they are from the United States. However, this year I actually know someone competing. If you grew up around me across the street was the Olson twin girls- Lindsey and Angela. Lindsey is in Beijing competing in the steeplechase at 23 years old. She will go through semifinals on Wednesday and finals on Friday if she gets there. Believe me when I say I will be watching and cheering her on.

Hair Cut and Bike Riding
This last weekend I chopped my hair off... You can see that it wasn't too long in the Bear Lake pictures but I cut it so short that my hair dresser had to shave the back of my neck. I absolutely love it! Don't you just feel so good when you get your hair done? Well I do!
I also learned how to ride a dirt bike. My cute brother RJ has a new obsession that started last year. He started with only one dirt bike for himself but quickly realized its not fun to go by yourself so he bought my brother Jake a bike. Then he bought a smaller bike for "the girls" but I never got on it and it basically has become my sisters bike. Well just last week he found a good deal on a new bike for himself so he went to get it and the guy said its a package deal if you buy mine I will throw my wife's in with it... so I have a dirt bike that is a good size for me... a TT125. Isn't she a beauty? Don't get me wrong I was terrified to learn, but my fear quickly turned into excitement. I learned Friday night and couldn't wait to ride it again on Saturday. My Mom and Dad even noticed my huge grin from ear to ear every time I rode by the house or when I was done riding. RJ was a great teacher riding along side me and making learn how to stop and start. Thanks again bud for helping me conquer my fear. Can't wait to get on it again!

Goal: I know this was an extremely long post so I apologize. I am going to try and keep up on my posting. That is my goal. To start posting once a week. Until next time...