Monday, July 27, 2009


Sorry for the no blogging lately. Where we are living currently, we do not have the internet so the posts will be few and far between until we move into our house. We have been through a whirlwind the last two months since we got here to New Mexico. We moved into temporary housing for 23 days and then had to find a new place and move. Two days after we moved, all of our "stuff" was delivered to us from out of storage and the next day we flew to Utah. We went for Josh's little brothers mission farewell. Curt we are so proud of you and know that you will be an amazing missionary! Josh only stayed the weekend but I ended up staying the entire week. My family has had a bit of bad luck over the last while and I stayed to help them out. My mom sprained one ankle and broke the other, a few weeks later my sister broke her ankle and leg and had major surgery to screw it back together, and then my dad had his 5th back surgery. I came home right for the 4th of July and spent that week home trying to organize our tiny one bedroom apartment. Then we left for the annual Erickson Lake Powell trip. Again, Josh left early and I stayed the entire week. I went home with my family for a few days and then my parents drove me back to New Mexico. They stayed in town with us the rest of the week to see where we are living and what it's like down here. Whew! That is what has been happening in our lives. Our house is moving along so fast and we can not wait to finally move in. It is actually starting to look like a house. Finding cheap decorations and picking colors is becoming my daily routine. We will find out what we are having on August 6th so check back to know the details. Hopefully I can get some pictures up soon. I also designed a cute 4th of July blog background but never posted it because the no internet, so maybe I will try and get it up for fun!