Monday, August 10, 2009


That's right...the "IT" became a she on Thursday. We are so excited to bring a little girl into this world! She was really funny, we did not get to see her face during the ultrasound because she kept her arms tucked up tight around her face, like a boxer. Darcy, the ultrasound tech, could not believe that it was both arms up and that she would not budge them even for a quick picture. So, needless to say we did not get to see her little face just yet, but her gender was easily determined! There was no question what she is. I am feeling great and can't wait to get into our house and get settled in. Our official closing date is September 4th! YEAH!!!! Less than one month to go! We are having Josh's siblings come out and help us move over Labor Day weekend and are so excited to show them around. We are also grateful they are coming to help seeing that my doctor said I couldn't lift anything heavier than 10 lbs! We have so many fun pictures, but putting them online is so hard when you aren't at home using your own "stuff", so patience everyone and we will get pictures up as soon as we can. We miss and love all our family and friends. Thanks for your encouraging and loving thoughts!!!!