Saturday, March 27, 2010

The Little Princess

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Sorry for the obnoxious "Print Me!" labels, but Olan Mills does actually let you publish pictures to your blog with no extra fees. We think they turned out pretty darn cute...and we think you'll agree. I made the little tutu and am so proud of it. If any of you want one, let me know. It was really fun making it!

Sunday, March 21, 2010

The End of the Debate

The votes are in.

Blessing Day

We blessed Londyn on February 14th, yes Valentines Day. It was such a special day. We had many family members travel down here for her blessing. We appreciate all of you taking time out of your busy lives to be here with us. The weather was beautiful that day, hence most of the pictures we took outside the church peoples eyes are closed or squinty because the sun was so bright. Josh gave Londyn the most beautiful blessing a father could give his daughter. We then had a yummy lunch back at our house. Thanks again to all the family that came. My mom and I made Londyn's blessing dress. I looked for a dress, but could not find one I liked, not even in the fabric stores, so my mom helped me and we basically made up our own pattern and design. I love how it turned out! Thanks so much mom for all your help. I will never forget doing the finishing touches at 2 in the morning with you. I love you! I will never forget such a special day for our little girl!


Tuesday, March 16, 2010

The Latest Photoshoot

We're not the only ones who love taking pictures of Miss Londyn. One of our friends, Erin, took the latest series of our cute little one. Erin claims she's no pro, but her photos say otherwise. Check out her blog for more of her work!

Sunday, March 14, 2010

Anyone up for a ride?

A few years back I was given a 1986 Trek 600 road bike. Little did I know how expensive of a hobby I was getting into. It wasn't a bad bike. Reynolds 853 frame, shimano 105 downtube shifters, a million pound wheelset. It wasn't a dream bike, by any means, but it was enough. I was hooked on the sport. Being in the middle of my studies at the University, recently married, and living in the wonderful world of Aggie Village, I knew it would be awhile until I could afford anything better. Here and there, I made some upgrades. My wonderful brother-in-law donated an old wheelset to the cause, I tried to prevent the steel from rusting out with a kermit green paint job, some small upgrades to the cockpit. It did the job. I'm not sure how many miles I put on it in the past few years, or how many miles were put on before my time with it. It never had a name--unlike another bike of mine--it was just "Josh's roadie". Some time along the way, Krissey promised me a new roadie when I finished school. 
Sometimes I wondered if it would ever be a reality, upon finishing school and moving out of state, the realization of life made me wonder if I should really splurge and get the bike. I would drag Krissey from shop to shop, test riding bikes. She would joke how she could tell me which bikes I preferred by the smile on my face coming back from the test ride. (btw, if anyone ever wonders why people like myself have a fascination with road bikes, go to YLBS and test ride one, they'll be more than happy to let you ride, even if you have no intentions of buying) Before moving, I sold the beast of steel to a friend, leaving me with only ONE bike...until yesterday. Meet my new ride:


Before I get any flack (Brady), the wheel reflectors were removed shortly following this photo session. For those who care about the gory details: It's a Kuota Kharma Race, Sram Rival gruppo, and Mavic Kysrium Elite hoops. and it's not just gorgeous, it's fast! What you've never heard of Kuota? Me neither, honestly, until James at the Kickstand sold me on it. James was great to work with, and if anyone is shopping for a bike, I'd highly recommend the group at the Kickstand, definitely one of the better shops I've dealt with. Anyway, happy graduation to me! (Thanks babe!)

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

2 Months

Well it is a little late, but Londyn's 2 month stats were weight: 10lbs 12oz which put her in the 50th percentile and height: 23 1/2 inches that was the 80th percentile. Her height certainly did not come from me or Josh so she must be getting her height from both her grandpas. We can't believe how much she has grown and love having her in our home. She is so bright and learning new things each day. Her latest obsession is her hands and feet. She hates taking naps, but sleeps really well at night. She always wants to be where everyone else is and not miss out on anything(hence, the no nap taking) and she loves to talk and smile. I have a feeling we are going to have our hands full with this little one!