Saturday, November 13, 2010

The Frumious Bandersnatch!

Our little L became a beautiful little Alice for Halloween. Not to be out done, we donned the roles of the Queen of Hearts and the Hatter. It was definitely a lot of work for Krissey and her mom to finish up the costumes. Mine was a saver's special--Krissey was worried about mine, since I hadn't put it on until just a few minutes before the day was here.

Krissey and I haven't carved pumpkins since before we were married, so we carved up some pumpkins we got on a trip out to the pumpkin patch in Moriarty. This is K's:

And mine: 

Londyn was dying to help out with the carving. She's still not very good with knives, so we chose an easier form of pumpkin decorating. 

FYI, Londyn does not like the taste of paint. We had a few parties we went to, trunk-or-treat at the church, and trick-or-treating around the neighborhood. We had a great time with friends and watching L for her first Halloween.

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

What L Really Really Wants.

Our little L is getting bigger every day. She's also one smart cookie (she gets that from her mom). The other day, I had just finished feeding her so she was still in her high chair. I wasn't quite ready for the task of running around, keeping up with her, so I left her there and started playing some games with her. (She's much easier to watch when she's not mobile). L played along for awhile, but then decided that she'd tell me what she really wanted. I had my hands out for her to give me five, she played along, giving me five and then quickly grabs both my hands and places them under her arm pits. I got the hint. She got out of the chair.

Sunday, August 1, 2010

July 4th

We had some visitors for the 4th of July. Josh's parents came down and spent the weekend with us. Saturday morning we had our Ward Annual Pancake breakfast at the park. What more can you ask for than good food, good company, and fun games! We spent most of our morning there and came home to what I thought was an exhausted little girl. She was ornery and not happy. I was trying to make lunch while Josh tried to calm our screaming L down. I told him to give her a bath since that is what she loves. That just made her cry harder. My mom-in-law also tried to comfort L and she finally came and told me she just wanted her mom. I tried to comfort L, but it just wasn't working so I decided to go outside with her. She loves the outdoors and immediately calmed down so my mom-in-law and I took L for a walk. We were about half way around the block when the sky opened up and just started pelting huge rain drops on us and that upset L again. Luckily, Josh came to our rescue, calling to see if we had taken an umbrella and when we said no he came running down the street with one. After that L was totally fine. We stood outside soaked and took pictures of the fun storm. I learned the reason L was so upset was because she cut her first tooth. She went to bed quite early, so we stayed home and watched the fireworks from our driveway. We are lucky to live across the street from the high school where they light off the fireworks. It was nice to sit at home and watch the firewroks and let L sleep. Monday we went to the Albuquerque Zoo for the first time. We met Josh's cousin and her family there. We really enjoyed the zoo. We tried to see everything but didn't quite get to all of it. Guess we will have to go again. Then we came back for a bbq at our house. Thanks for spending the day with us Stacy we had a great time visiting with your family!

Thursday, June 24, 2010

6 Months!

That's right folks. Our little sweetheart has been with us for 6 months now. She had her Dr's appointment today and these are her stats:

Height: 27 in 85%
Weight: 18lbs 80%
I was so worried about her getting her shots today because Josh is at Scout Camp this week. She had to get 3 shots today and for the first two she didn't even flinch, but by the third one she had had enough. She cried for only 30 seconds maybe and then was fine. She cried a little later, but that's because I forgot to give her more Tylenol, but once that kicked in she was herself again, mostly. She was very cuddly tonight and it was fun to just sit with her in her room in the rocking chair and just cuddle and love her.
We love her so much and love to see her growing and learning! We started her on cereal a few weeks back and oatmeal is her favorite then wheat then rice. Last week we started her on veggies. She has tried green beans, carrots and peas and loves them all as well. She is not a picky eater, but always makes this disgusted face the first time I give her something, even she has been eating it for a few days. She is sitting up all by herself, she is ready to run but hasn't mastered the crawling thing quite yet, she is a little talker lately, she is starting to laugh more each day, she loves her exersaucer, she loves to be outside, she has an easy temperament and is easy going. We absolutely love her chubby thighs and can't get enough of her cheeks. We feel so blessed to have her in our lives. She is the greatest blessing. I try and not take any moment with her for granted!

Before her shots, little did she know what was to come!
Me trying to get a photo of her for 6 months.
Resting on the couch after shots.
Getting ready for bed and modeling her snoopy band-aids!

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Road Trip

Londyn and I took our first road trip. My brother RJ flew down to help me drive back to Utah with Londyn. We headed across Arizona and then up to St George where my Aunt and cousins have a vacation home. They let my family stay there over Memorial Day weekend. Thank you so much Ferrins, we had an absolute blast! Friday was spent all day driving and when I say all day I mean 11 hours in the car driving. L did pretty well until the last 45 minutes or so. We got in about 7pm, ordered pizza for dinner and then we all pretty much crashed. We got up early Saturday morning and went boating. We went to a little reservoir outside of Hurricane. Besides the water being ice cold freezing, it was really fun to try and water ski. I hadn't been skiing for 2 years because I was pregnant last year, I was close to getting up, but just couldn't quite get up. Oh well, there is always Lake Powell in July! We also took Londyn on the boat for a ride, she was tired, but we think she loved it. After boating we went grocery shopping, ran home to eat lunch and shower and then headed to the movies. That's right, Londyn went to her first movie, Iron Man 2. L did good, thanks to Grandma Becky for taking her so i could enjoy the movie and yes it was a good one. We ate dinner at Texas Roadhouse..yum:) Went home and watched a movie. Sunday we went to church and then had my Uncle, Aunt, cousins and grandchildren over for dinner who live in St George. It was fun to visit with them because we don't get to see them very often and to see their beautiful one month old baby girl. Monday we got up and took L to the neighborhood pool for the first time. She is such a good sport, she will do anything and not cry. She will let us do what we want to her and just sit there and take it all in. She loves the water! We then went back and cleaned the house and packed up and then went to the outlets to do a little shopping. The only one who made it out with anything was Londyn, of course. Well I guess Nicole and Jake got a few things as well, but L got the most. We ate at In-n-out and then started the trek home to my parents house. Besides getting a flat tire in Kaysville at 10pm at night, the ride wasn't too bad. Thanks to the two strangers who helped me change my tire. Please know that I do know how to change a flat tire, just not in the pitch black of night when you can't see anything. The next few days were spent at my moms. I went to help paint in the basement. Yes, after all these years my parents are finally finishing their basement. It was fun and my mother in law came over two days to watch L while I painted. I was able to have dinner with some of Joshs family while I was there, sorry we missed you Shawnee and Brady. Had lunch with my Aunt Kathy, mom, and sister. I also got to meet my cousins new baby girl Emily. She has a ton of stick straight black hair and is adorable. Can't wait for you to come and visit Julie! I thoroughly enjoyed my time at my parents just relaxing and letting my siblings take care of Londyn for a change. I also enjoyed shopping with my mom, but everyone was working each day so our nights were very busy before L went to bed. Saturday I took off for Denver, Co all by myself with L in tow. My sister had a design conference there and I went to stay with her in the hotel. I had never been to Denver before and I loved it. We had so much fun. L and I would chill during the morning and meet up with my sister for lunch each day and then walk 16th street or go swimming in the afternoon and then meet up with my sister for dinner. L's schedule was totally rocked, but she was a great sport through out all the driving, traveling and new places. I am realizing how hard it is to do and see everyone and everything you want to when you go home, there just aren't enough hours in the day to do it all. We sure missed Josh a lot, but really enjoyed ourselves. Whew, it is sad to leave family, but so good to be home again and back into our routine!

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Birthday Girl!

Krissey celebrated a BIG birthday a few weeks back. It wasn't big for the reason birthday's normally are, it was big because for the first time since Londyn was born, we went out. On a date! Dinner AND a movie! Everyone down here loves Londyn (who can blame them?) so getting a babysitter was pretty easy.
It was pretty weird to be without our little girl, shortly after we snapped this picture, there was a lapse in the conversation. Krissey was the first to say it, but we were both thinking about our little angel. Turns out, Londyn survived just fine without us, so hopefully future date nights won't be with so much worry. It was a great night, and I'm glad we got to spend it together.
Happy Birthday Beautiful! I love you!

Strawberry Swing

If you can't tell, the weather has been wonderful down here in the Land of Enchantment. It's a spring that really feels like what I think spring should feel like. You'll notice I didn't use the word perfect, just wonderful. We have had some crazy windy days that we haven't been super fond of. 
Since we've had such wonderful weather, it's been fun to help Londyn explore her new world. Krissey is good about taking her for walks during the day, all over the neighborhood. Unfortunately, I miss out on a lot of these walks, but Krissey helps me make up for them on the weekends.
A week ago Saturday, we had a friend of ours take our first family pictures. Luckily the wind held off, and we had a great shoot--even if we couldn't get L to smile for the camera. Following the shoot, we let L test out the swing. It might not seem like much, but as a (new) parent, each and everything Londyn does is reason for a mini-celebration.
Enjoy the vid, don't forget to check out our other recent posts.
[Updated: Now with pictures!]

Sunday, May 23, 2010

Roll On 18 Wheeler, Roll On!

It's been a very exciting few weeks to watch our little princess. In addition to enjoying a healthy regimen of rice cereal, Londyn has discovered her ability to roll over. Last friday (luckily my day off) Krissey and I witnessed her first complete roll ever. She'd been showing signs that she was close for the last month or so, but never really got anywhere. Maybe it was the Adventure Island soundtrack, or some toy that finally caught her eye, but she put all the pieces together and made history (her history anyway). She would only roll from her tummy to her back, at first only if we helped place her hands correctly--as seen in the video below.

As of yesterday she's gone over from her back to the belly a whopping 4 times, including a surprise yesterday, when I tried to put her down for a nap. Krissey had left me in charge, and L was exhausted but would not let me rock her. I placed her in the crib, tucked her in with a blanket, and left the room. She was quiet for a few minutes, but then really started to get fussy as I listened to her on the monitor. I stepped in the room to find her on her belly with her head on the opposite direction as I had placed her in. It's officially time to start baby-proofing the house--she's ready to roll! Enjoy.

Sunday, May 9, 2010


L was in a pretty weird mood today, probably brought about by a hatred of napping. One minute she'd be an ornery baby, and then the next she'd be laughing her head off. It's amazing the lengths parents will go to make their child happy, Josh felt like an idiot after watching this, but it may have been the best Mother's Day present ever. (Happy Mother's Day all!) Her laughter is a new thing as of late, but we are in love with it and wish she would laugh some more, enjoy!

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Utah Trip

Our trip to Utah was so much fun. During our trip Londyn had a lot of firsts. Her first plane ride. She found her thumb to suck on for the first time. Her biggest first, for me at least, is she is sleeping through the night. Among Londyn's milestones, she was able to meet a lot of new people. We were able to enjoy our time with our families. We had so much fun and appreciate everyone taking the time out of their busy schedules to accommodate us while we were in town. Besides the massive snowstorm, we had an amazing time with family and had a fun first Easter with L and all our family members! Enjoy the pictures.