Saturday, January 30, 2010

Pink Bellied Sneezes

Londyn has sneezed like this since she was born. We love it. And so should you.

Monday, January 25, 2010


Yesterday I stayed home from church with Londyn because we had a very long night and she just didn't seem to be feeling very good. After one of her feedings I went to burp her and all this bright yellow stuff came out. I tried to stay calm and not be an over reactive new mom, but ended up calling the nurses line just to make sure I didn't need to be worried. The nurse confirmed to me that our little one had thrown up and that we should get her to urgent care to have her checked out because she is so young to be doing that. I text Josh and told him to come home asap. When Josh arrived home the first thing he did was give her a blessing. We then went to the pediatric urgent care downtown. There was a 3 hour wait when we got there. I tried to sit calmly and patiently as the packed room full of little kids and their germs were surrounding my new little one, but as time passed I became more anxious. I had a feeling we were going to be told Londyn was just fine and that was making me more upset that I made the trip downtown and wasted an entire Sunday in the doctor's office and not to mention having to pay the stupid copay to be told my daughter is just fine and the first words out of the doctor's mouth were "over reacted." Now that I have had the chance to reflect on yesterday's happenings I am grateful. Grateful for a healthy daughter, grateful for a loving understanding husband, grateful he holds the priesthood, grateful for blessings, grateful to my loving Heavenly Father, grateful for the gospel, grateful for doctor's. Just grateful!

Saturday, January 23, 2010

Our humble abode.

A picture is worth a thousand words.

Sunday, January 17, 2010

Happy New Year!!

Krissey and I are in danger of missing our twice monthly blog update quota. Here it is more than halfway through January without a post. Honestly, what kind of bloggers are we? We have a really good excuse though...we were trying to sleep. I say that like I don't ever get to sleep, that's probably taking things a little too far. Londyn let's us sleep...every other night.

Krissey's family came down for Christmas, it was a blast. Grandma Becky stayed an extra week and helped to get finish up some projects that had been postponed with Londyn's arrival. You might remember the nursery. We've added a few finishing touches:

I should mention that Nicole did help with the lettering. Our walls have a thick texture, so it was quite the intense process, but turned out nicely.

We have some pretty big plans for this bear. We designated it to be Londyn's fav. We'll see how that goes.

It was good to have family out. My brother and parents came down the week of my birthday, I'll have to post some pics with all of us, but Ty's got a few sweet shots over at his blog.

Anyways, now that we've got that out of the way, here she is:

She's getting really good with the head holding thing. She can go a few minutes before getting tired. She'd probably go longer, but she may have inherited a head from her dad.

This is Londyn's "bed," it's a blanket that my Grandma Neoma made for her (thanks by the way!). One thing we've learned about our little girl is she loves laying in front of heat sources, I wish we had some hospital pictures from the heat lamp. She'd be incredibly upset and then you'd lay her under the lamp and she'd calm down immediately and pose in what Krissey and I refer to as "the diva poses." She also does the same in a warm bath or in front of the fireplace.

Just a side note on the fireplace. I know people think New Mexico is nice and warm year round. It's NOT! While it may not be as cold as Utah, our temps follow Salt Lake City quite closely. Blame the elevation. If you come to visit in the winter, it may be cold. On the other hand, a balmy 55 degrees today was quite long as you're in the sun.

With as much as Londyn moves, I thought she would've developed a few bald spots. She kinda has one, but her hair is still pretty rocking. We're thinking this should be the new look for the 10s. (2010s? what are we supposed to call it?)

According to Krissey, Londyn is good all day. Until I get home from work. Occasionally, her dad can get her to sleep. This is a rare moment of success.

We've yet to do a baby announcement, so these next few pics are a photo shoot we shot yesterday. I was behind the camera for the most part, but a few were shot by Krissey. We got some JCPenney pics taken when she was a week old, but I can't really justify a minimum of $4 a page with as cute as my daughter is. Plus, they don't do any edits. Even the magic press a button to make black and white would be considered an "enhancement" and make each page $15. Honestly. I'll take them myself.
The set up is our first attempt. The NM sunlight works wonders, unfortunately I wasn't very well prepared with the backdrop, and some angles were just too cute to pass up. Oh well, live and learn. We might need to invest in some additional lighting options, but team up some good sunlight and Photoshop's RAW editor, (which is amazing, fyi) and we're good. Enjoy the rest.

This last one was after Londyn got a little upset. She likes being naked, but was probably getting a little cold/hungry. After feeding time, we got this. One happy little angel.